Team 669 Digital

Professional extraction from a problematic campaign

Are you running digital campaigns but something isn’t working properly? Now’s the time to get some advice and support from a real digital professional! You’re welcome to contact me and I’ll conduct a thorough examination of the campaigns (creative, landing pages, audiences, targeting, and more). I’ll peruse the numbers and data and produce a detailed report of how and what to improve to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Detailed plan of action

The ultimate checklist that will sort you out

Getting lost in all this digital? This is your chance to get a detailed and organized checklist of everything you need to do to achieve your various digital campaign goals. I’ll explain exactly what, when, where, and how much to do so that you achieve the best goals for you.

Individual consultation for managers

Do digital like a boss

Want to get a better understanding of what your digital department is doing without overruling them? Let me examine your organization’s digital actions and I promise to give you an expert opinion. Believe me, you’ll only benefit from it! You’ll get insight from digital professionals and also gain your employees approval. This is your chance to get advice from a true professional that has already helped a fair number of directors who didn’t hesitate to ask for help, and came out on top.

E-Commerce sites that convert

You deserve to make a true profit from eCommerce

Build websites? It’s no big deal… Building converting websites should be the work of professionals! You are welcome to benefit from my experience with building websites that also convert. I promise that you’ll only benefit from it.

Strong landing pages

If you want a real lead catcher

The landing page is the crowning glory of any campaign. This is where everyone eventually ends up and this is where the leads are supposed to come from. I’ll make sure that these landing pages get you the desired results.

Brochure sites that work

Practical digital architecture at its best

Brochure sites can work really well if they’re built properly. If you need a brochure site (around 5 pages), I’ll build one properly, so it won’t just be image-based but will also convert and be effective as part of campaigns. From my comprehensive understanding of digital campaigns, I first build these sites as part of a campaign. It’s no wonder that the sites I build are much more converting.

Campaigns by professionals

Let me lead your winning campaign

As someone who has been in the digital marketing field for many years, there’s little I haven’t already come across. Every platform, channel, campaign – I know how and what to do so that the job gets done properly. If you want to harness all of this knowledge and experience to your benefit, I’ll be happy to help you as well. I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed with the results.